What Should You Do After Front-end Damage After a Collision?
May 15, 2024

Everyone wants to be safe on the road. However, accidents happen, and therefore, it is also necessary to be ready in case of an accident. Front-end damage is a common outcome of one or more vehicles involved in some common types of car crashes. These kinds of accidents are head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, single-vehicle collisions, and T-bone collisions, to name just a few. When you have been in an accident and you have sustained front-end damage, you need to choose a repair shop that you can rely on to handle any repairs.

What shall you do after a front-end damage?
It is a legal requirement in the US that you must stop and return to the scene after your car has collided with any other vehicle, object, or person. It's important to be thorough by ensuring all parties are okay, checking for injuries and damage, and exchanging information. Moreover, you should take specific measures to defend yourself, in case the other driver is not honest when he is talking to the police or his insurance company.

Transmission and engine damage
The engine and transmission are in the front of your car which means they can get damaged when you have front-end collisions. If a front-end collision occurs, engine damage and transmission-fluid leaks are all possibilities. Consult a certified auto repair near me to address engine damage at the earliest.

Hood damage
The hood of your car is designed to rise in the event of a frontal collision. However, it can still be damaged and it’s crucial to get hood damage fixed right away. This is because the damage under the hood can cause more severe system problems.

Wheels and hubs
In a front-end crash, you can get your wheels bent which can cause major issues on the road and may hamper your ability to drive safely. They also may cause problems with your brake system. The costs of repairing the damaged wheels and hubs may differ considerably. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a certified auto repair service to know the exact estimate of repair services.