Tesla Repair Body Shop

Tesla Approved & Certified Repair Body Shop in NY

Family owned and working in the auto repair industry since 1988 at the heart of Coney Island. Our new facility was opened in 2013. Brooklyn Motors has been a leader in our community as well as the automotive repair industry. As an I-Car Gold Certified repair center, Brooklyn Motors is proud to announce that we are one of Tesla’s Approved Body shops in the New York area. Each one of our staff members successfully completed intensive Tesla approved OEM courses. The intense, firsthand training allows Brooklyn Motors’ aluminum vehicle repair team to properly and safely restore your Tesla vehicle to its pre-accident OEM condition with a lifetime guarantee on all repairs for the lifetime that you own the vehicle. Brooklyn Motors intense I-Car certification training uniquely qualifies us in hybrid and electric vehicle repair. Along with our extensive training, Brooklyn Motors now possesses all of the Tesla-approved tools and equipment at our Brooklyn, NY location.

We understand how difficult it is to be without a vehicle during its repair, that is the main reason we provide our expedited services to complete all your auto body repairs and deliver your vehicle as quickly as possible.

Whether it is a simple brake issue, tire change or a major collision repair, our experienced techs handle the job with utmost care under strict supervision to have it completed right at the very first time. If you are looking for a reliable and qualified Tesla Repair in the New York area, you can always rely on Brooklyn Motors.

We are a Tesla approved collision center that caters to all kinds of body repair services with the help of latest technology and tools. We provide all the needed skills and manpower to get the job done as quickly as possible. We strive to help our community everyday by supporting local businesses and organizations with the highest level of service. We pride ourselves in taking the extra step to help where we can and sometimes where we can’t.
About Brooklyn Motors
Brooklyn Motors has been in the auto body collision and repair services for over 25 years, providing our valuable customers with complete collision repair and maintenance services at the highest standard of quality. All of our technicians at our certified auto body center are highly experienced I-Car certified, and Tesla Approved. Whether it is a minor body dent repair or a major damage repair for your vehicle, we provide you with reliable and professional repair services. Our approved body shop is completely equipped with all the latest technology and equipment to handle all auto body collision and repair requirements.

Our highly skilled staff are well experienced in servicing all makes and models and can provide the highest quality of service at all times. We accept all insurance claims and help negotiate on your behalf for the highest quality needed to bring back your vehicle to OEM specifications. We also provide pick up and drop off your vehicle for any collision or services needed.
Why Choose Brooklyn Motors?
At Brooklyn Motors we provide all kinds of repair and maintenance services at our Tesla approved collision center in New York. With the help of the cutting-edge technology and tools available at our disposal, our skilled repair professionals can work on all kinds of makes and models. We always try to follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your dealer to ensure that you always get the best returns from your vehicle. If required, we also provide towing services to bring your vehicle to our body repair center. We are available 24/7 and you can always rely on us for any kind of emergency car repair needed.

Body Repair Process

We are one of the best body repair services in NY as we always work out a comprehensive assessment on all cars that come for body repair services and based on our assessment, we explain clearly to our customers all the issues need to be addressed with the repairs of your vehicle. We provide our expert advice on the best option to get your vehicle back in the best condition possible. We suggest clearly whether the damaged part needs to be replaced or if your parts are able to be repaired. We always strive hard to present you with best available options to bring your car back to its original state. At Brooklyn Motors, we can guarantee 100% job satisfaction and commitment to our customers providing you with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Our Promise

At our Tesla approved Brooklyn body shop, we always take a lot of pride in our work and with our love and passion for vehicles, we always provide the best quality services to your vehicles. We can promise you that your vehicles will always receive a VIP treatment in our facility.

  • Tesla approved collision center
  • We provide free estimates at all times
  • No hidden charges are included
  • We always use environment-friendly and DEC approved paints
  • Our repair specialists are highly skilled, experienced and qualified.
  • Hi-tech and fully equipped state of the art Tesla approved collision shop in NY area
  • Collection and delivery – within a 50-mile radius (with prior arrangement.)
  • Email your requirements with a photo of your vehicle, so we can send an estimated cost for free
  • We provide all kinds of auto body repair, from collision to refinishing, customizations, paint protection, mechanical repairs, and paint correction. Please keep our contact number handy at all times to help you in the case of an emergency, and for all your automotive need
Auto Body Work
Brooklyn Motors is considered to be one of the best auto body repair services in the area. We have some of the sophisticated technology and tools to handle all kinds of auto body work. Whether it is a small scratch or dent in your car or a major damage due to a collision, we can 100% guarantee that we’ll bring back your car with a new look and shine with a brand new look. We’ve all the experience in handling all types of damages and have successfully recovered the vehicle back to its original shape much to the satisfaction of the customers. We provide our auto body work for all kinds of vehicles. All our bodywork will be strictly based on the specifications provided by the manufacturer and only OEM parts are replaced to your vehicle to ensure a longer life for them and also for your vehicle.

With the various complexities involved in the modern day design of the cars, our auto body repair professionals are well equipped in the know-how and the latest design and components of the car and its functioning that we can fix all kind of vehicles with utmost care and perfection.

Our certified body shop and Tesla Repair Brooklyn body repair center are completely equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to handle all kinds of auto damage work in the most efficient manner. In case of major collision damage assessment, we place the vehicle in a body jig to assess the total amount of damages caused to the vehicle. Once the assessment process is completed and the quote has been approved, we employ all our technical skills to start the process of getting a new life back to your vehicle. Your car will undergo all the required repair and replacement works to rectify all the damages made to your vehicle. Once all the repair is completed, the final refinishing and painting process begins to get the car back to its original shape.

We are always considered to be one of the leading certified auto body centers that provide its services at the most affordable rates. We can 100% guarantee that we can return your car back with a brand new look much to the surprise of you and your family members. Unlike other body repair services that only concentrate more on the aesthetics of your car, we not only work on your vehicle’s outer look and style but also ensure that your car is back to its original running condition and you will have a nice ride for a long time.
Exclusive Services at Reasonable Prices
If you are looking for the best quality body repair services in New York then Brooklyn Motors is your best bet. It is renowned for its exclusive auto body fix services at the most affordable rates in the area. With lots of experience in the field of auto body repair, you can only expect the best car fix and car repair services. Our main objective is always to add lots of miles to your vehicle and not only the life of your vehicle is extended, but also the safety aspects are also enhanced to a great extent. Our team of safety experts inspect the car after every repair process to check if all safety aspects of the car are working as expected and only after the safety inspection is completed, will the car be deemed fit to be delivered to the customer. We can assure you that we have all the required technical knowledge and expertise to meet all the manufacturer’s specifications and standards.

We always believe that building a solid reputation with the customer by way of providing top-notch services is the key to our success. It is with our skills and expertise could we be able to give the vehicle owners with the best quality of service. Whether it is a minor or a major work and whether it is a private or a commercial vehicle, we always give our best shot in every work we provide.

We’ve established a solid reputation in the area for giving our clients only top-notch services and products. It is our training and expertise to give car owners the best bang for their buck when it comes to their vehicles regardless if it’s for private or commercial use. Only with this objective and focus could we be able to gain the name of one of the leading auto body repair work in New York as we always look forward in improving our working process and to improve our technical knowledge of vehicles.

Ultimate Auto Body Repair Services

With our extensive range of services, we have partnered with many business houses and taxi companies to have their vehicles serviced in a regular fashion. Since these vehicles are used for day-to-day operations, it is important that these vehicles are always kept in a good condition as any downtime of these vehicles will only affect the income generated from these vehicles. Hence these vehicles are constantly monitored to ensure that these vehicles always run in the best condition possible.

Tesla Certified Body Shop

Apart from auto body repair works and damage repair works, we also insist customers to have their cars to have checked regularly to prevent all kind of small issues popping up now and then. With our expert technicians and tools equipped with the latest technology, we can quickly ascertain and assess your vehicle to detect any problems that could come up in the future. We also provide our valuable suggestions about the parts that are getting old and need to be replaced as soon as possible to ensure your car is always in the perfect condition.

We always believe in providing the best service to our customers and we can assure to every client that you can always expect only the best service from our side in each and every service. No matter a small repair work or a big repair job, you only receive the highest quality of service from Brooklyn Motors at all times.

Our experienced technicians are highly skilled to look at a problem at various angles and always provide a proper assessment. Unlike other body repair shops in the neighborhood, we never charge any hidden costs in your bill. Every aspect of the car is thoroughly checked during our repair process from carrying out the repair process completely and checking the oil quantity etc. All our technicians are always under a direct supervision of a senior mechanic having a lot of experience in handling all kinds of vehicles.
Trust the BEST to Repair the BEST
We always take pride in providing quality services and establishing a good reputation with our customers. We feel delighted and proud of our track record of fixing of some completely damaged cars in the quickest time possible and to the utmost satisfaction of the customers. It is the satisfaction and the happy smile on the face our customers keeps us going and in providing our best quality services all the time. Whether it is a small bodywork or a big task, every car that enters our workshop is treated with the same care from the start till finish. And with our strict quality control procedures, you can be guaranteed that every issue in your vehicle will be completely addressed.

The moment your vehicle enters our premises, we are responsible for your vehicle’s well-being and a dedicated mechanic is assigned to your vehicle and he’ll be responsible for all the team coordination and the service of your vehicle. All mechanics in our body repair center are highly experienced and certified to provide quality work at all times. You can be assured that you’ll be provided with a fair assessment and will be clearly explained to you in person about the damages in your vehicle and what needs to be repaired and what needs to replaced etc. You’ll be provided a quotation after a complete assessment including all possible alternatives in case if you are tight on your budget.

You can be 100% assured that we never miss any detail during our assessment as it completely based on a proven procedure to completely check the vehicle and a checklist is maintained to see if all areas of the vehicle are checked and verified. We understand that how much a car means to some people and hence we take utmost care to provide our quality work.
Quality Matters!
One of the most common problems experienced by many customers with auto body shop is that these repair centers take orders more than they can handle and hence result in the delay in delivery and also the lack of quality in the service. At Brooklyn Motors, you can be always guaranteed that our work is delivered with the highest quality and every car is treated equally. With the kind of huge workspace, tools and manpower we possess, we can proudly say that we are one of the leading Tesla certified auto body center in New York with a lot of satisfied customers.

Please call us right now at 718-975-0261 to inquire more about our services and to fix an appointment to have your vehicle serviced right away!!!