What are the Benefits of Taking Your Tesla Car Immediately after a Collision?
May 23, 2024

Following any collision regardless of the collision severity, having your Tesla meticulously inspected and serviced as soon as possible is highly critical. The settling of high levels of dust can influence the performance of several components and sensors that make up the different safety features and driver assistance systems in a car such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Avoidance among many others.

Moreover, some damage may be easy to detect visually while others remain unseen and these may affect the normal functionality of affected parts. Obtaining a quick professional diagnosis and repairs is the key to the problem since all of these interrelated systems should be working well to help keep you on safe roads.

Mitigate damages
Even though such a collision appears to have only slight damage in terms of cosmetics, the effect can later cause other problems if you do not notice it for a while. To shed light on this, let us consider the example of a vehicle with a misalignment, caused by injury to its body, which can result in the wearing out of the tires unevenly and affect the suspension or steering components in the long run. Tesla body work can help in restoring the integrity of your car.

Maintain warranty coverage
This is just like any other vehicle, where letting the minor problems you have not be repaired in time will lead to loss of warranty coverage on the particular parts. Tesla's warranties agree to OEM's standard requirements of collision repairs, inspections, and overall mileage within a certain time frame.

Proper response and immediate repairs at the Tesla authorized body shop are important. Taking Tesla to a certified collision center as soon as the accident happens keeps you in compliance.

But apart from repairs, there are chances that collision history may diminish a vehicle’s market value during a subsequent sale. Nevertheless, making the visible signs subtle by showing a due commitment to service is what helps to retain more worth. Whenever problems and issues continue after the accident, this perception of how well the car was kept while in your ownership will have to be reckoned with at the time you are ready to sell or trade in the car.