What are the Integral Components of Electric Car Servicing?
June 17, 2024

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to surge in popularity, owners need to understand that routine maintenance and servicing are still required – it just looks a bit different from a traditional gas-powered car. Let's explore some of the key components involved in keeping your EV running smoothly with electric car servicing New York.

The Battery Pack Inspection
Since the battery pack is the literal heart powering your electric ride, it gets special attention during service. Technicians will thoroughly inspect the high-voltage battery system, checking for any signs of damage, degradation, or loss of efficiency and range over time.
Diagnostic scans ensure the battery management system is functioning optimally. In some cases, maintenance may involve re-balancing individual cell levels or even replacing modules within the pack if needed. It's a meticulous process at the electric car repair shop in New York to preserve your EV's most precious component.

Brake and Tire Services
While EVs ditch the traditional engine oil and transmission fluid changes, the brake system still requires regular attention. Brake pads, discs/rotors, and hydraulic fluid levels will be inspected and components replaced as needed, just like a gas car.
Tires are also a big focus. The increased weight of those heavy battery packs can accelerate tire wear, so rotation, balancing, and reviewing the tread life are always prudent during service visits.

Cooling System Upkeep
Electric cars rely on liquid cooling systems to keep the battery pack, power electronics, and motor from overheating during operation. Just like a gas vehicle's radiator coolant, this specialized fluid needs periodic draining, flushing, and replacement to maintain peak efficiency.
The cooling pumps, hoses, and other components will also get a thorough diagnostic inspection to ensure no leaks or failures are brewing that could lead to overheating issues down the road.

Body and Chassis Care
Of course, all the same, traditional inspections and maintenance apply to the non-electric portions of your EV's body and chassis as well. Suspension system checks, steering and alignment adjustments, windshield wiper replacement, lighting functionality tests, cabin air filter replacements, and more.
Technicians will also scan for any fault codes related to the electric power steering, traction control, anti-lock brakes, and vehicle control modules to catch any issues early. No stone is left unturned!

The EV Expertise Factor
While many service basics carry over, there's no substitute for having your EV serviced by experienced technicians who've received specialized training in electric vehicle systems from the manufacturer. They know the inner workings and unique needs of your specific EV model inside and out.
So don't skip out on service just because it's an electric car. With the right expertise and some key inspections, you can keep that green ride purring like a... ultra-quiet, zero-emissions vehicle for years to come!