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New York City’s Independent Honda Acura ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Experts

As NYC’s premier high-end collision repair shop, Brooklyn Motors is:

  • a Honda ProFirst Certified Collision Repair facility,
  • an I-CAR Gold Class® Certified shop,
  • ProFirst facilities are certified by Honda for proper tools, training, and their commitment to ongoing training to help ensure thorough repairs for your Honda.
  • NYC’s New Vehicle Technology Experts: Brooklyn Motors Technicians are specially trained, experienced and CERTIFIED in the flawless repair of aluminium structure, ultra high strength steel and carbon fibre vehicles.

So bring your Acura! We’re ready to turn back time and return your vehicles to pre-accident conditions.

Driving your Honda Acura in New York City means making sure your car is equipped to handle all four seasons, tackle traffic and conquer occasional potholes. Fortunately, Hondas are known for their high safety ratings and efficiency. With regular maintenance, our team can ensure that your vehicle is always ready to hit the pavement. Our Service Department in Brooklyn is conveniently open 6 days a week.

Hondas don’t happen by accident

Honda Acura Genuine Parts mean Honda quality—designed and tested by Honda for specific vehicles, including integration with the sophisticated performance and safety systems that are part of every Honda.

But you may be surprised to learn that there’s a very good chance that not all the parts used to repair your Acura will be Acura parts. In fact, body shops report over 40% of their repairs include aftermarket parts.*

And, in addition to the obvious concerns about performance and quality, when one of those OE parts is replaced with anything other than a Honda part, there’s a very real question about how that alternative part will interact with the safety systems and other systems in your Acura.

It’s Your Honda Acura

You have an important role in returning your Honda to its pre-accident condition, and it starts with finding out more right here. You’re the only one who truly has an interest in returning your Honda not just to its pre-accident look, but to its pre-accident safety, structural integrity and performance.

You can give your keys to the insurance company or DRP* and trust that everything is being done to look out for your best interests. Or, you can get involved in the process. Ask questions. Learn your rights. Read more about your insurance and how it affects your repair.

You do have a voice in the process. Use it or lose it.

Why consider a ProFirst Certified Body Shop?

ProFirst Certified shops are committed to a complete repair through required ongoing industry education and annual third-party certifications.

Knowledge & Skill

ProFirst Certified shops must earn an I-CAR Gold Class Professional®, Verifacts VQ or Verifacts Medallion. See below to learn more.

I-CAR Gold Class Professional®

I-CAR (The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to the collision repair industry, ensuring proper repairs. I-CAR Gold Class Professionals®, is the highest I-Car level of achievement and considered the highest level of training in the industry.

VeriFacts VQ

VeriFacts VQ verifies a body shop adheres to the vehicles original manufacturer’s repair guidelines. VeriFacts performs on-site shop inspections of repair methods, materials, tools and equipment are consistent with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. VeriFacts is the most highly respected verification/inspection organization in the industry.

Honda Specific Training

ProFirst shops must complete I-CAR training, and additional Honda-specific training ensuring they are up to date on all the newest Honda technology.

Honda Specific Repair Information

ProFirst Certified body shops have access to all service and repair information straight from Honda. Including mechanical and collision repair, for all years and models of Honda automobiles.

Tools and Equipment

Honda vehicles are designed and engineered using specific materials that often require specific tools and equipment for proper repair. ProFirst Certified shops are equipped and educated with the right tools and equipment to repair your Honda Acura properly.

Facility Standards

All ProFirst Certified shops are required to maintain a clean and professional space in the customer lounge and inside and outside the shop.

Customer Satisfaction System

Profirst Certified shops are committed to customer satisfaction, with a customer satisfaction survey system to ensure that they are meeting your needs.

Annual Inspection and Certification

Through a third-party, American Honda annually inspects all ProFirst Certified shops to verify proper equipment, facility cleanliness, and overall shop operation. Training verification is also performed on an ongoing basis.

Want to see more? We invite you to tour our shop, see our work, meet the owners, and read our five-star Yelp and Google reviews!