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Trusted Volkswagen Repair Shop in Brooklyn

Owning a vehicle is a matter of luxury, but it comes along with few problems. People usually visit workshops for repairing and servicing their cars.  But sometimes, it becomes difficult for individuals to trust any garage nearby as few of them use faulty techniques and damage your vehicle in the long run. Therefore, to avoid such events, prefer Volkswagen repair shops as they offer genuine service with a guarantee.

Brooklyn Motors is a place of trust and skilled artistry. Our occupation is a family-owned business and is a licensed &nd reputable used car dealer since 1988, along with repairing facility. For more than 28 years, our company has taken care of the communities’ automotive needs and requirements. From our body shops, rental car service, used car sales, lease return center, we have done it all. And it’s our great pleasure to offer such services for your satisfaction.

Brooklyn shops are best in what they do. I bet no other shop is best in your neighborhood other than Volkswagen repair Brooklyn shops. For the past 20 years, we are providing our best service to customers and clients with the same dedication and efficiency. We are:-

  • Volkswagen authorized repair center.
  • A Volkswagen certified auto body center.
  • It’s a Volkswagen auto body fix shop.

The company provides bona fide services, including iron and aluminum structure, car body structure, and carbon fiber vehicles.

We are a dealer in used cars

A Volkswagen certified body repair workshop in Brooklyn and New York.

Hence, bring your automobile to our Volkswagen repair New yorkcenter to receive excellent services for your Volkswagen. We never leave our customers dissatisfied based on the standard of the service. The main aim of our company is to provide everything we can so that it ensures your safety and you can travel freely without any further adieu.

You may wonder why to prefer us?

That is because we specialize in repairing vehicles. Our knowledgable and skillful staff has been buying and selling repairable automobiles for over 20years( as mentioned earlier). Our technicians have practiced detailed training from Volkswagen experts and have comprised of knowledge regarding Volkswagen cars. As Volkswagen certifies us, we have the authority to use genuine Volkswagen car repair parts. Thereby, You can trust us with your vehicles as we’ll get only the best and proper body parts specially designed for your automobiles. We understand your’s car importance, and thus we’ll get appropriate types of equipment from the warehouse of Volkwagen. After the repair, you’ll experience your car like it just arrived from the showroom.

We belong to the group of Volkswagen body shops, which supplies a warranty on any parts of Volkswagen, whether replaced or spared. To ensure our customers, we offer a guaranteed warranty on every part of the car, nevertheless of its size. Therefore, no need to be tensed about the effectiveness of the car parts.

The world keeps getting modern and so our workshops. We are packed with the newest apparatus and machines for repairing any car.  These equipment are used by our skilled technicians to provide the finishing touch to their work. Not only are these apparatus advanced, but they also in revealing the root of the problem and plan the repairing process. All brand new automation, such as specialized tools to understand the weight of damage, 3D projection, etc., to provide the essential care to your car.

Sincerity highly exists in us as we provide all the support we can to our clients. Our staff gives each car individual attention and offers heartfelt service and mending.

Volkswagen certified car fix workshops are advantageous due to their fast service. We try our best to deliver all assignments within the deadline so that you don’t have to wait longer.

Not only this, but our workshops also offer round the clock assistance or service to our customers. Therefore, feel free to communicate with us if you are facing any problem regarding your car and need immediate help. Our Volkswagen damage repair workshops are here to solve all your difficulties.

Our utmost belief is a fair pricing system. Charging excessive from our clients is not something we look forward to. Therefore we offer you the best services at affordable prices. Our pricing is competitive and reasonable than any other shops nearby. Hence, to experience the finest car servicing, visit our garage.

We offer our services in an expansive zone. If you’re staying in Brooklyn or New York and any other nearest countries, you can easily communicate with our technicians and ask them for help. For our customers, we also offer pickup services for immobile cars.

We always work harder to maintain our strong client base. As many people trust us, we are recommended by them to other individuals. Therefore, for guaranteed service and repair, feel free to communicate with us.

As mentioned before, we are certified by the well-known car manufacturing enterprise, Volkswagen. Therefore we have the authority to offer support directly from the house of Volkswagen. We inform all information you require and update these attributes to the main house so that they can record it into their directory.

We also offer a range of services which are proved to be advantageous to our clients, who chose our workshop to repair their vehicle. These are:-

Cars repaired under warranty – If your vehicle is still under warranty period and is brand new, You can always utilize our excellent services. Our Volkswagen car repair shops repair many cars under warranty period by offering the best service available in town. Hence, you can avail the benefits of our warranty clauses and services anytime.

Link-up with insurance companies- Our customers aren’t required to spend a lot of money as our company has a tie-up with a vast range of insurance provider companies.  Thereby, due to unfortunate events, your car gets damaged, you can quickly come to us. After repairing your car, you can claim the insurance money from us.

Up to date client profile – As our Volkswagen authorized repair center has the permission to access a discrete customer profile database, our center gets all vital information, directly from the manufacturer. This makes things more relaxed as we can understand everything regarding your car model before we start our work in your car.  Not only this, but we also get to know about the warranty and clause and conditions of your vehicle and profile. This helps to know whether your car is under warranty period or not. By maintaining our customer profile, we supply details to the manufacturer for future reference. No need to be tensed about your car as all data remains secure.

Variety of cars – Our workshops repair a wide range of vehicles. From SUVs to Hunchbacks, etc., you can trust us with any type of car. Our experts are trained to fix any kind of Volkswagen car, and we provide all the services under the same roof, making things easier for you.

We give out and out services – In our workshops, we give full fledge service to your damaged cars. We will return your vehicle in a state it was before the destruction, or even better from it. We repair and replace the body parts, fix even small problems, and check the car as a whole. We paint it and wash it, making your vehicle similar to a new one.

What are the car models we offer to serve?

As mentioned earlier, we expertise in all types of Volkswagen cars. Such as:-

  • Volkswagen Golf.
  • Volkswagen Passat.
  • Volkswagen Touran.
  • Volkswagen Jetta.
  • Volkswagen Tiguan.
  • Volkswagen Touareg.
  • Volkswagen Atlas.
  • Volkswagen Polo GTI.
  • Volkswagen Caddy.
  • Volkswagen Eos.
  • Volkswagen Transporter.
  • Volkswagen CC.
  • Volkswagen Sharan.
  • Volkswagen Scirocco.
  • Volkswagen Type 4.
  • Volkswagen Lavida.
  • Volkswagen Type 3.
  • Volkswagen K70.
  • Volkswagen up!
  • Volkswagen Santana.
  • Volkswagen Corrado.
  • Volkswagen Derby.
  • Volkswagen Polo.
  • Volkswagen Golf GT.


  • Volkswagen Polo Mk III
  • Volkswagen Polo Mk5
  • Volkswagen Polo Mk IV
  • Volkswagen Polo Playa
  • Volkswagen Citi Golf
  • Volkswagen Golf Mk1
  • Volkswagen Golf Mk2
  • Volkswagen Golf Mk3
  • Volkswagen Golf Mk4
  • Volkswagen Concept BlueSport

Volkswagen GTI

  • Volkswagen SP2
  • Volkswagen 1-litre car


  • Volkswagen Golf Mk5
  • Volkswagen Golf Mk6
  • Volkswagen Golf Variant
  • Volkswagen New Beetle

As you have seen we expertise in all models of Volkswagen, You can bring your old or new car for service and repair in our Volkswagen auto body fix shops. We are always available to help you, so contact us anytime. If you can’t find your model in the models mentioned above, contact us for a worry-free service. Our experts are well trained with any model of Volkswagen and know how to repair it. So you need not worry and have a detailed discussion with our staff.

A thought might strike in your mind that why should you visit a Volkswagen repair shop?

Simply the answer is because of authenticity and trust. The main criteria for any car owner are the proper job and authenticity of trusted service. So, if you want to avail everything in the same place, always prefer certified car repair shops. Volkswagen repair New York shops are authentic and offer the best service.

As these workshops are approved from Volkswagen for Volkswagen auto body repair and other works, it makes them similar to the company manufacturing unit. Therefore, you’ll get the best service within your budget.

The Volkswagen autobody fix workshops have the license to obtain the car body and its parts from the producer and supply these to their customer and clients. Hence, clients can witness a proper repairing procedure and correct fixture. Original car parts make the car more durable and provide the support needed. So if you prefer general pieces, make sure to choose a certified repairing shop.

Those autobody repairing shops that are certified have trained and skilled technicians&staffs. They are aware of their capabilities and offer a pretty good service. Therefore if you choose a Volkswagen car repair shop, you will get assistance from skilled and certified body repairing mechanics.

Our company, Brooklyn Motors, is an expert dealer of various types of used cars. If you are interested in buying a vehicle, visit our car workshop and garage to know more about us and our services. Also, we offer over-the-phone assistance to our valuable customers. Feel free to inquire about our offerings and book your repair over phone from the convenience of your home.

Brooklyn Motors comprises an extensive collection of used Volkswagen cars, luxury cars, Sports cars, cargo vans, commercial vehicles, trucks, SUV’S, passenger vehicles, hunchbacks, and many more. Not only these used cars are certified but repaired to their top condition. Hence, no need to be tensed about the service of used automobiles. These cars are perfectly maintained, and all the papers are kept ready so that you can buy any car without any hindrance.

From, many years our company has been selling and obtaining cars in working condition at a reasonable price. Since the last decade, we promise to deliver our best services to our clients. So, if you are an interested buyer of used cars with proper legal documents along with a great experience, feel free to contact our enterprise. Also, you can call us or mail us your views.