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Ford Authorized Body Shop in New York

Brooklyn Motors is a renowned Ford authorized repair center. We are certified by Ford, and all of our staff have completed car repairing courses that are approved by Ford. All the members of our team are highly skilled, and it allows them to restore damaged cars properly. Our mechanics do everything in their power to take back a vehicle into its pre-accident condition. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our repairing works.

Apart from just fixing traditional vehicles, our experts also have the ability to repair and fix hybrid and electric cars. This is one of those reasons that make us a leading Ford repair shop. We are not just certified by Ford but in addition to that we also use Ford-approved tools and equipment. It allows us to bring the best solution to Ford cars.

Here at Brooklyn Motors, we understand how difficult it could for the owner to stay without his/her car during the repairing period. Due to this reason, we offer fast services regarding carrepair in New York. Our team repair Ford cars as quickly as possible. It allows us to provide the most rapid delivery services in the city.

We take the utmost care to solve all the vehicle problems of our customers. It can be a brake issue, major collision repair, or just a tire change; our experts will take care of your car and fix the problem at their earliest convenience. Our mechanics conduct their job under the supervision of floor managers. So, if you are looking for a reliable and certified auto body center, then Brooklyn Motors can be your best pick.

Since we are a Fordcertified body shop, due to this reason, we have the ability to offer all kinds of body repair services. We accomplish our jobs with the help of the best tools and latest technologies. Our skilled team does their best to accomplish the job as quickly as possible. The commitment and dedication of our experts are the driving power of our success. Our skilled technicians focus on bringing the best craftsmanship to our customers and address all of their car repairing and fixing needs. This is another reason that makes us a leading Ford body shop.

About Brooklyn Motors

It has been several years since Brooklyn Motors offering Ford auto body repair services. We provide comprehensive collision repair, fix, and maintenance services to our customers. At Brooklyn Motors, all of our customers are valuable to us. Due to this reason, we ensure that our customers are getting services at the highest standard.

All the mechanics of Brooklyn Motors are highly trained and certified by Ford. It has helped us to appear as a renowned Ford authorized body shop. From a major damage repair to a minor body dent repair, we have the ability to accomplish all the car fix jobs successfully.

We are a certified repairshop that is equipped with the latest equipment and powered by modern technologies. It allows us to offer the best quality services to our clients. All of our experts are highly skilled, and they have the ability to fix every Ford model. We aim to provide the highest quality of services to all of our clients. We don’t just accept all types of insurance claims, but in addition to that, we also negotiate with the insurance provider behalf of our customers. Along with services like Ford car repair, we also provide pick up and drop off services.

Reasons to Choose Us

At Brooklyn Motors, we offer every type of body repair and maintenance services. Our skilled professionals use cutting-edge technologies and modern tools to accomplish repairing services. We always follow the maintenance schedule suggested by the Ford dealer to ensure that our clients get the best value from our Ford body shop. We are available to our clients from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm. However, our shop gets closed at 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday we are closed.  If you need any type of emergency services even, then you can rely on us.

Our Body Repairing Process

At Brooklyn Motors, we offer services like car repair in Brooklyn. At the first stage of the process, we thoroughly check the cars that come to our service center. After that, we discuss car issues with the customers. Then we discuss the repairing process with our client and also reveal how much the repairing job will cost them. We keep the entire process transparent. After getting assurance from the client’s side, we start the repairing job. Here at Brooklyn Motors, one thing we can assure you for sure – 100% satisfaction. We also provide a lifetime guarantee on our jobs.

Our Auto Body Work

People consider Brooklyn Motors as a leading certifiedrepair center. We use sophisticated procedures, advanced technologies, and high performing tools. It allows us to offer all kinds of bodywork. It can be a little scratch or major damage; we guarantee that we will bring back your car into its brand new look. Our team has the skills and experience to handle all types of bodywork. We can successfully repair every damage and get the car back to its original shape. This is how we satisfy our customers.

Our auto bodywork and car accident repair services are available for all types of work. Since we are authorized by Ford, so you can also visit us to repair and fix your Ford car. The designs of modern cars are complex. But you don’t have to worry about it.  Our technicians hold in-depth knowledge of the advanced designs and the components of modern vehicles. It allows us to fix all the problems of cars. We do everything in our power to ensure that the cars of our customers are performing well. In addition to that, we also put our level best efforts to improve and maintain the aesthetic values of the cars.

Our certified body repair shop is equipped with all the tools that need to handle all types of auto damage work. When it comes to a massive collision damage assessment, we put the car in a body jig to understand the amount of the damage. After getting the assessment report, we send a price quotation to our clients. After getting approval, we start our job and do everything in our power to rectify the damages. After the repairing process, we give it the final touch, which is refinishing and painting. This is how we get the car back to its original shape and bring smiles to our clients’ faces.

We don’t just offer Ford damage repair services, but in addition to that, we also ensure that our services are available at a reasonable price. This is how we improve our affordability among customers across the city. Meanwhile, we also ensure that you will get the car back in its brand new look. We can assure you that our quality of work will surely blow your mind. We don’t just work on the outer look of the car. But in addition to that, we also fix its functionality to ensure that the vehicle is performing at its best level.

Our Assurance

At Brooklyn Motors, we always take pride in our word of honors. Repairing and fixing cars is not our job. This is our love, our passion. You have already come to know about one of our most significant promises. We offer 100% satisfaction. But that’s not the only assurance that you will get here. In addition to that, we also promise the following.

  • We provide free estimation all the time.
  • All of our experts are qualified, highly skilled, and experienced.
  • We provide all types of auto body repair services ranging from collision to customization and mechanical repairs to refinishing. We also offer additional services, like paint protection and paint correction.
  • Paints that we use are DEC approved and eco-friendly.
  • We offer add-on services like the collection and the delivery of the car.
  • At Brooklyn Motors, there are no hidden charges.
  • We use hi-tech equipment and tools that are certified by Ford.
  • You can also email us your requirements along with the image of your car. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

These are the things that we promise to all of our customers. One thing we can assure you for sure – you will get the best Ford car repairing services at Brooklyn Motors at affordable prices. We are a certified shop by Ford, and all of our customers get the VIP treatment. So what are you waiting for? Visit us today to address all of your automotive needs.

Comprehensive Services at Affordable Prices

If you are looking for a reputed Ford repair center, then your search can end at Brooklyn Motors. We are renowned for offering exclusive services to our clients at reasonable rates. We have several years of experience in this field. So, you can confidently expect the best quality services from us. We don’t just focus on repairing the car, but in addition to that, we also take measures to extend its life. During every repairing job, we also check the other safety aspects of the vehicles. In this way, we keep the riding experience of customers safe and secure.

Our experts have technical knowledge and skills that allow them to meet all the needs of our customers. We believe in building trust with our customers. We are reputed for providing top-notch services to our clients at an affordable price. In fact, this is the main reason that makes us a leading Ford body repair center. The skills of our experts allow us to give the best possible car repairing services to our customers.

Both commercial and private car owners can come to us. Our services regarding Ford auto body fix are available for all types of cars. Our experts always focus on gaining more technical knowledge and improving their techniques. The satisfaction of our clients and our success is a result of their hard work.

Auto Body Fix Services

Established in 1988, we are a renowned name in the car auto body fix and car repairing industry. During our years of a successful journey, we have partnered with many taxi companies and business houses. Many of our clients use their vehicles for day-to-day business operations. Their cars always need to be in good condition or else their income statement will be effected. Due to this reason, these vehicles always need to be monitored. On behalf of our clients, we do this job for them and help them to manage their business operations successfully.

Apart from just damage repair and body repair works, we also offer plenty of other value-added services. Our experts also have the ability to detect those problems that can come up any time in the near future. in this way we keep the cars of our clients in perfect condition. All of our clients can expect the best quality of services from us. We never compromise with quality. The highest level of craftsmanship is something that is always guaranteed at Brooklyn Motors.

Unlike other shops, we never add any hidden costs in the bill. We thoroughly check the condition of the car and discuss our assessment report with the owner. We also calculate the potential cost of the repairing process and reveal it to our customers. Only after getting confirmation from them, we start the repairing process. Our transparency makes us a leading Ford car repairshop in Brooklyn.

Car Repair

We understand what your car means to you. Due to this reason we provide the highest quality of work for our customers. We feel delighted whenever we look back to our track record. During our years of successful journey, we have also repaired completely damaged cars within a short period of time. The happy smile of our customers is our driving power. The moment you enter our shop with your vehicle, we become responsible for its well-being. This is our core belief. If you choose Brooklyn Motors, then we can assure you that your car is in good hands. So, give us a call to fix your meeting with us.